As suggested during my peer review,  I added more information to my “About” page and I added a little more color to the site overall. I believe these were good suggestions, and that they gave me the opportunity to add a little more of my work to my site. I was even able to use the About page to highlight a recent spoken word piece I’ve written.

Moving on to the relationship between stress and physical and mental health, Broderick (2015) found that adapting to and coping with stress is necessary throughout the life span. A lack of resilience to adverse life events is required for survival. As we have discussed in the past, patterns of stress coupled with a lack of resilience can be a contributing or causal factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, depression and other mental and physical health issues. Fortunately, there are many factors that can decrease stress, including mindfulness practices, religious practices and social support.

Broderick, 2015 The Life Span