This week, we participated in a mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness is the process of mentally slowing down and allowing your mind to take a break from the stresses of life. The intention is a calm your thoughts, and find a few moments of peace.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and insomnia, mindfulness exercises are often cause stress for me. Quieting my mind and focusing on nothing is not something easily accomplished. I adjusted the assignment to something I knew would work a little better, and would bring a sense of calm without panic or frustration. I performed the 10 minute meditative exercise with soft piano music and the sounds of rain playing in the background. With that adjustment, I was able to spend the 10 minutes in silence, and felt recharged and relaxed following it.

I have learned quite a bit through this class and will take away two key things. The first, I will remember how empowering it can be to have the vocabulary to describe the stages of life you are going through, and how calming it can be to know that the challenges we face are shared with the majority of humanity. The second thing, is the value and the impact of epigenetics. Knowing how much of an impact the things we view as small can have will give me the drive to make changes to my own routines, and to empower my clients to make those changes themselves.