As we reflect on the second half of the semester, it is important to take the time to review the tactics we use for learning and the manner in which we interact while we are gathered together. Each of us has something important to contribute to the class environment, and giving one another the space to do so is crucial to our learning.

On a personal level, the time that I take to prepare for this class should be planned out more rigidly, so I can reflect on the material. Thinking of the real-world applications to the issues brought up by the book, and carrying those into the class with me will help me to apply the concepts better, and will give me something unique to contribute to my cohort’s learning.

On a larger perspective, sharing my study resources with my class is something else I can do to enhance group learning. Typically, I keep the work I do to myself, and assume that my study habit will look odd to other people. It is possible that there are other people in the class who learn in the same way I do, and sharing those resources could prove helpful to them.