During our peer review, I recommended T.J. add his resume to his site. In my opinion, having your work experience and qualifications front and center can only be a benefit. In the same vein, I recommended he change his home page on his website from his blog to his resume, so future employers don’t have to look further than his homepage to see his qualifications. Finally, I recommended he expand his About Me page, so employers or site visitors who want to find out more about him can.

One of the aspects of my adolescence that I view most positively is the authoritative parenting style my parents maintained. My parents required maturity and self-discipline and they required me to work to the best of my ability at all times. This instilled a high level of responsibility and a strong moral code.

One of the most negative aspects of my development during adolescence was a series of encounters with discrimination and racism. One of the encounters that stuck with me was a male friend of mine telling me that, while I was “pretty for a black girl” he was not interested in me because he “would never date one”. Like many black adolescents, I quickly learned how to hear those words without listening to them, adopting a neutral face and trying to seem impenetrable. Finding out that, outside my house, my ethnicity would be such a large factor when it came to determining my worth affected my self-esteem for a very long time.